Restorative Dentistry Procedures from Your General Dentist

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A general dentist is the go-to dental professional to visit when needing a restorative procedure. Although the teeth are meant to last forever, accidents happen, and normal wear and tear and damage also occur. The result of both problems is needing to visit a general dentist for a dental restoration. Thankfully, there are many ways to restore teeth that are in bad shape. Continue reading to find out more!

Dental restorations in general dentistry

Outlined below are some of the restorative procedures that general dentists offer to individuals who have damaged teeth. Reviewing the following information may prove to be helpful to those who are not sure what type of treatment they require.

Dental crowns

General dentists place dental crowns on a regular basis as they are a versatile treatment option that can be used to restore teeth that are in bad shape. They can be used to address moderate cavities, severe cracks, chips, and even issues such as heavy stains. 

The procedure itself involves removing any damaged areas and cleaning out the entire tooth. From there, a temporary crown is placed, which will later be replaced by a permanent one. 


Dental fillings are another popular restoration used by general dentists to address teeth that are in bad shape. In almost all cases, dental fillings are used to treat cavities that are mild to moderate in size. The procedure is relatively routine; however, it does require a numbing agent and some opt for nitrous oxide too, in order to offset anxiety. 


Dental veneers are another common restoration that general dentists use for teeth that are in bad shape. They are thin porcelain shells that go over the front teeth when damage has occurred. General dentists tend to recommend veneers for chips, cracks, or stains. However, they are not a good solution for back molar teeth that have experienced cavities. Veneers are custom-created for each tooth and can even be color-matched to the other surrounding teeth, making it difficult to notice that any type of restoration has been performed. 


Dental bonding is another common restoration that general dentists recommend for teeth that are not in good shape. Just like veneers, bonding is used for the front teeth and for minor damage, such as chips and cracks. This procedure is one of the easiest as it does not involve any pain. Instead, a coat of resin is applied over the damaged teeth and then a UV light hardens it. 

Find out more from a general dentist

When in need of a restorative procedure, the best place to start is by consulting with a general dentist. The consultation will include an examination of the damaged tooth to determine what type of treatment is necessary. From there, a plan of action will be put into place, which gives the patient a chance to ask questions and understand what to expect. To learn more or to get scheduled for a consultation appointment, reach out today. 

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